Zaitseva 03List of services:

- interior design of a house or apartment

- interior design of the office in the corporate style of the company

- Interior and help in the development of the concept of the idea of a restaurant or cafe

- interior design of a store, beauty salon, service center, show room, etc.

Prices for the design project:
= Classic style: 600 UAH / sq.m.
= Modern style: 500 UAH / sq.m.

The terms of the interior design project implementation:
= From 30 working days

- Realization and repair of interiors

Under the guidance of the designer, the project is being implemented, according to approved by you estimates and 3D visualization.

Prices for repair work:
= From 1800 UAH. / Sq.m. And above, depending on the level of repair (economy, standard, luxury)

Terms of practical implementation of the interior:
= 2-4 months, depending on the size and complexity of the project

- Author’s supervision over the implementation of the project

Designer’s visiting and consulting on all the works that are carried out by builders for 3 months.

Supervision prices:
= One-time visit – 600 UAH (no more than 4 working hours per day)
= Constant support of 300 USD / m2.

- turnkey interior

These are all-inclusive offers, which include all types of services from design studio:

  • 3D visualization and complete package of drawings;
  • The selection and ordering of all materials;
  • author’s supervision of installation and finishing works;
  • furniture and curtains;
  • Selection of household appliances and accessories (dishes, towels, household appliances);
  • Final preparation of the premises before the arrival of the client.

Price for the service “interior turnkey”:
= Depends on the complexity and size of the object, discussed separately



List of drawings included in the design project from our design studio:

1. General layout of the room with dimensions
2. Variants of redevelopment of premises (2-3 variants)
3. Drawing after the redevelopment of the premises
4. Drawing of construction installation / dismantling
5. Drawing of floors with calculation of floor coverings and plinths
6. Drawing of a warm floor
7. Drawing of ceilings
8. Drawing of accommodation of lighting devices
9. Drawing of switch placement
10. Drawing of placement of sockets
11. Air conditioning drawing
12. Drawing of arrangement of sanitary equipment
13. Development of bathrooms with the calculation of materials
14. Walls elevations of main premises with calculation of materials and cuts of decorative elements
15. Visualization of premises (from 3 views to each room)